Memphis May Fire 

Yesterday in Charlotte, NC, I went to see blessthefall, Bad Seed Rising, Sylar and Memphis May Fire. I got Platinum VIP for Memphis May Fire where I could meet them and get side stage and some merch. It was so fun meeting them because they so nice and sweet to me! Part of the VIP was to have a shootout game which was where everyone would play mini basketball to see who would win and whoever won, got to get the mini basketball signed. Sadly, I didn’t make it. It was fun seeing blessthefall for the first time and I hope I can see them again sometime! It was amazing seeing MMF from the side stage since this was only my second time seeing them live and I’ve never been side stage before. I tweeted out that was excited to see MMF and they freaking liked it!! I posted on my instagram about how I loved meeting them and Matty and Cory liked it!! If any of these bands have a concert near you, you should go and you should definitely give them a listen.😊 I have included pictures of my M&G photo and the pictures from twitter and instagram. 


Attila Concert

This past Sunday on March 12th, I went to see Attila, Cane Hill, Vesta Collide, Desolate, and Bad Omens in Greensboro, North Carolina. I had a lot of fun! I got VIP to meet Attila before the show and I met 3 of the members from Cane Hill after the show. It was nice to see Attila and Bad Omens again. I was so happy to see Cane Hill since I didn’t get to see them when they went to Warped Tour and Carolina Rebellion! The guys from Attila and Cane Hill were super sweet! If any of these bands come to where you live, you should go see them! I have included a picture of from when I met them. 😊